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Corporate Events

Bring your team or customers together through fun!

Looking for a Team Building event? Or, maybe just a fun event to show appreciation for your employees’ hard work? Bring RWT Game KIng Mobile Video Game Truck to your office parking lot for hours of carefree, unique fun!


Your colleagues will be impressed with the sleek design of our video game truck! It’s an event that’ll not only bring out their healthy competitive nature, it’ll be a great Corporate Event that they will remember forever. There’s hardly any prep time, just book your event and that day one of our friendly staff members will show up and get the good times rolling!


Launching a new product or service? RWT Game King can provide you a high-quality venue to announce and launch your new ‘big thing’! Afterwards, your customers, guests and team can partake in all the fun we have to offer.

If that wasn’t enough, how about use of our satellite TV service while your event is going on? We have a complete satellite system that allows you to watch hundreds of different channels including major sporting events!


Our limo style, climate controlled, game truck provides the ultimate experience for Team Building, Rewarding your Teams, Product Launches or any other Corporate Event. We’re available in and around the High Desert.

We’re available to discuss and tailor the ultimate event for your company. Give us a call and put us to the test!



If you would like to have a customized event please call (442) 600-2422

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